Mush Passacavo automatico

NUBE introduces the new innovative product to simplify and make mooring maneuvers more safe

MUSH – easy Mooring

MUSH is an innovative and patented automatic retractable fairlead, which can be installed on motor boats and sailboats.

MUSH is a fairlead that allows you to temporarily hold the line without using your hands or feet during the delicate maneuver of mooring.
This new and innovative product, patented, was born observing the difficulties of the current mooring boats, larger and larger, often sailing with smaller crews.
MUSH uses a hydraulic cylinder with remote control; a very simple system, but very efficient.
Using the remote control, MUSH allows you to transfer the mooring rope from the winch to cleat, after it has been tensioned, ensuring maximum security, speed and ease of use.
100% Made in Italy
This technology is designed in Italy, and, again in Italy, is made and tested with strict checks:

  • stress resistence
  • wear resistance
  • ┬ámarine corrosion resistance

A lot of interest has already been expressed by some shipyards and owners who have had the opportunity to see the application and use of MUSH.
MUSH can be produced in different sizes to match the load requirements of the vessel.