Reviews about the Butler fairlead

Butler fairlead reviews

Heare some Butler Fairlead reviewshere sono reviews about the Butler fairlead.

Mr. Edoardo Nardelli, captain of an 80 feet boat

Installing two BUTLERs on the bow of our boat with a shorthanded crew and no bowthruster at hand was crucial. It’s like having an extra hand on board.

A BUTLER increases manoeuvring speed both during and after operation. Once manoeuvring ends, lines are nicely tucked in on the cleats and mooring is completed.

Safety is much higher as we don’t need to touch any hauled line.

Manoeuvring is faster and we can see to other operations.

Thanks to BUTLER if somebody hands you a line properly you can haul it and deal with other manoeuvring tasks.

Mr. Paul Torre, a rigger who installed a few BUTLERs

BUTLER fairleads are extremely simple and easy to use.
We have already installed a few to the satisfaction of captains and most of all the crew who operate them.

Installation is very easy. All you need is just mount it and connect the hydraulic hoses from a pre-existing control box or install a new one if there wasn’t any. To mount a BUTLER all you need is just bore a hole at the right angle; as simple as that.

If you install it in place of an existing fairlead you have to use an adapting kit so as to preserve the boat contour.

Mr. Alessandro Fabbri is the captain of an 80 feet boat

I was one of the first to use BUTLER fairleads and, much to my surprise, after using them in many occasions, including emergencies,

I could cope with the situation with ease and relaxation .

You can handle manoeuvring on your own. For instance, one hand on a 80/90 feet boat is enough to safely and timely deal with all manoeuvring. In about thirty seconds one hand can tie two mooring lines.

I cannot but recommend this product because it is very efficient. I had time enough to try and test it. It can be used up to 25-30 knots in all safety, it’s fast and useful. I highly recommend it to everyone.