Nube passacavo nautico

Butler Automatic folding farilead

What is it?

BUTLER is a new automatic folding fairlead that can be installed on motor boats and sail boats.

BUTLER is an invaluable aide in delicate mooring manoeuvres for medium and large boats.

What is it for?

BUTLER is a fairlead that allows you to temporarily hold a line without using your hands or feet while mooring.

Wherefrom the idea?

BUTLER fairlead was born while observing the difficulties encountered by short-handed crew on board of ever larger boats during mooring operations.

How does it work?

BUTLER uses a remote controlled hydraulic cylinder, a very simple though very efficient piece of engineering.

BUTLER allows you to transfer via a remote control a hauled mooring line from the winch to the bollard in all safety, speed and ease.


While mooring:

  • no need to hold a hauled line
  • the line stays hauled at all times
  • no more rolling hitches
  • you can cast anchor single handed
  • the boat is locked into position while mooring

While unfastening the boat:

  • you can hold the mooring line with BUTLER and undo hands-free the auled line from its cleat safely leaving the end of the line on the dock.

What It looks like?

BUTLER is a nautical accessory of elegant design improving the functionality of a known object.

When not in use it recesses flush to the deck and frees the boat toerail enhancing the boat outlook. When a line is fastened to the cleat, BUTLER becomes a normal fairlead with a pair of stems of elegant design.

BUTLER adds to the old manually recessed fairlead a touch of Italian design and a new functionality thanks to its remote-controlled mechanics.

100% Made in Italy

This technology fully designed and manufactured in Italy has been submitted to stringent testing:

  • stress resistance
  • wear resistance
  • marine corrosion resistance