Folding fairlead Butler

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Folding fairlead

BUTLER fairlead was born while observing the difficulties encountered by short-handed crew on board of ever larger boats during mooring operations.

Ease of mooring

This is an advanced system based on a remote controlled hydraulic cylinder that enhances security, speed and simplicity in manoeuvres that have barely changed until today.

Folding fairlead : operating instructions


  • Eject the fairlead stems using the remote control

Folding fairlead Butler - Detail Detail

  • Let the mooring line through the fairlead stems

Butler - Detail

  • Wind up the line around the winch and proceed to boat mooring

Fairlead Butler - Detail

  • Lock the line onto the fairlead via remote control and release the line off the winch

Folding fairlead Butler - Detail

  • Secure the mooring line on the cleat

Folding fairlead Butler - Detail

  • Extend the fairlead stems via remote control and use the BUTLER as an ordinary fairlead

Folding fairlead Butler - DetailWhile unfastening the boa:

  • Lock the mooring line by recessing the fairlead stems via the remote control

Folding fairlead Butler - Detail Butler - Detail

  • Wind out the line from the cleat and leave its end on the dock


  • Remotely release the mooring line by extending the stems fully


  • Drive the stems into their seats via remote control flush to the deck

Folding fairlead - Detail